European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS)

The Danish Chemical Society represents Denmark in EuCheMS, which has 49 membership societies ( from 37 countries. Its object is to promote co-operation in Europe between those non-profit-making scientific and technical societies in the field of chemistry whose membership consists largely of individual qualified chemists and whose interests include the science and/or practice of chemistry. It was founded in 1970.

EuCheMS sponsors European conferences, is a partner in AllChemE (Alliance for Chemical Sciences and Technologies in Europe) and is an Associated Organisation of IUPAC.

EuCheMS comprises a number of divisions and working parties, many of which have Danish representatives appointed by the Danish Chemical Society. Appointment is usually based on recommendation by the relevant divisions of the Society. Since The Danish Chemical Society has no division for electrochemistry, Elektrokemisk Forening recommends a representative for EuCheMS Division of Electrochemisty.