The Danish Chemical Society

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You can use this form to inform us about changes that you would like to make regarding your membership.

If you want to change membersip details in connection with paying your yearly membership fees, you are allowed to alter the preprinted amount on the bill so that it matches your new membership details.

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Membership (Fee for 2006):
Normal: DKK 450
Student: DKK 275
Institute: DKK 1200
Company: DKK 2800

Membership of Divisions:
(please check all that apply)

The Danish Society of Molecular Spectroscopy (DKK 50)
The Danish Society of the History of Chemistry (DKK 25)
The Danish Society of Environmental Chemistry (DKK 35)
The Division of Organic Chemistry (DKK 50)
The Division of Theoretical Chemistry (DKK 25)
The Division of Chemical Education (DKK 35)
The Division of Inorganic Chemistry (DKK 50)
The Danish Society of Analytical Chemistry (DKK 25)
IUPAC affiliate (DKK 220)